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At Empire, we take pride in providing the best possible training to our security guards and supervisors.

Extensive Security Guard Training

Through rigorous training, we prepare our officers to efficiently handle real-life situations on the job. We sharpen and refine the basic talents of individuals with quality training.

Our security officers meet all the standards set by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services.

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Security Systems Training

Professional Training at it's Best

All security officers and supervisors at Empire Security are qualified and pass all requirements of the State of California.

Complete Apprehension & Arrest Procedures

Pr-24 Baton Certification

WMD Training and Preparedness

Client Relations / Service Attitude / Public Relations

Security Patrol Procedures

Specific Training & Usage of De-Escalation Techniques

Firearm permits, State Certification Course

Crowd Control

Power to arrest / Guard Card

Surveillance Techniques

Emergency Preparedness

Basic Law for Security Officers

Anti-Terrorism Techniques

Listening & Observation skills and Reporting, Report Writing

Sexual Harassment Training

Security Guard Training

Emergency Preparedness To Tackle Any Exigency !

At Empire, our security officers are provided the following training to effectively handle and provide quick response to any emergency situation:

  • Earthquake, Fire, and Bomb threats
  • First Aid and CPR Course
  • Hostage Preparedness
  • Tear Gas, Mace, Pepper Spray / Permit
  • Union Strike Preparedness
  • Alarm Response
  • Workplace Safety Instructions
  • Presence of Suspicious packages, weapons or explosive devices

Repetitive And In-Depth Training to Develop High Expertise

Empire will provide the following training to security guards once more and in depth before being assigned to our clients’ post.

Unmatched Talent Pool

We have a large pool of extremely well-trained, highly-educated, and motivated security officers!

We also have a large reserve of talent pool which aids in the emergency replacement of officers or supplementing the existing workforce in cases of emergency.

Our supervisors are in constant communication with the Operations Department and the security officers by utilizing the unique and fully Digital Long Range Radio and Telephone System.

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