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We take pride in providing the best possible training to our officers and supervisors. We believe that training will prepare our officers for real life situations at our client post. It’s important to hire the highest quality individuals with the best instincts for the work, it is critical that we sharpen and refine those basic talents with quality training. Our officers also meet the standards set by the bureau of security and investigative services.

The professional training of the security officers consists of the following :
  • Arrest Procedures for security Personnel
  • Pr-24 Baton Certification
  • WMD training and preparedness
  • Client Relations / Service Attitude
  • Emergency Preparedness:
  • Earthquake, Fire, and Bomb threats
  • Firearm permits, State Certification Course
  • First Aid and CPR Course
  • Hostage Preparedness
  • Basic Law for Security Officers
  • Observation skills and Reporting
  • Power to arrest / Guard Card
  • Report Writing
  • Security patrol procedures, Introduction
  • Tear Gas, Mace, Pepper Spray / Permit
  • Union Strike Preparedness

All security officers and supervisors at Empire Security are qualified and pass all requirements of the State of California. Our officers also meet the standards set by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services.

The professional training of the security officers consists of the following :
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Anti-terrorism techniques
  • Complete apprehension and arrest procedures
  • Specific training and usage of verbal de-escalation techniques
  • Personal hygiene
  • Surveillance techniques
  • In-depth public relations
  • Workplace safety instructions
  • Public relations
  • Crowd control
  • Becoming a good listener as a public minded officer
  • Sexual harassment training
Empire will provide the following training to security guards once more and in depth before being assigned to our clients post.
Radio Procedures
Officers learn to make clear and accurate radio transmissions.
High Image Standards
It is imperative that the Security officers present an image to the employees and visitors that are favorable to our client while maintaining a professional security image. Allied Nationwide Security is aware of that fact that our security officer’s behavior and performance will reflect directly on our clients.
Conflict Management
This course is design to teach officers to recognize and control potentially volatile situations. The course helps officers develop the ability to recognize behavior that could result in serious injury or damage to property.
Proper Report Writing
All activities of Allied Nationwide Security officers will be properly documented. Any incidents resulting in damage to property or jeopardizing the safety of employees or the general public will be thoroughly documented on Daily Activity Report (DAR). Other security officer training includes report writing, administrative practices and related document preparation and submission.
Jurisdiction and limitations of the Security Officer
While the scope of work and responsibilities for the security staff are extensive, there are limitations to the jurisdiction and authority granted to Security Officer. Security Officers do not have powers of arrest. To prevent lawsuits and embarrassment to our client, Security Officers are properly trained in jurisdiction, limits of authority. Allied Nationwide Security will reinforce that the role of the Security Officer is to observe, monitor and report.

Furthermore, we conduct extensive ongoing training at our main office located in Anaheim.

The following is the list of training courses that a security officer has to undergo before being assigned to a job :
  • S01      Arrest procedures for security personnel
  • S02      Pr-24 Baton Certification
  • S03      Client relation / Service attitude
  • S04      Emergency preparedness: Earthquake, fire and bomb threats
  • S05      Fire arm permit, state certification course
  • S06      First aid and CPR course
  • S07      Hostage preparedness
  • S08      Basic law for security officers
  • S09      Observation skills and reporting
  • S10      Power to arrest / Guard Card
  • S11      Report writing
  • S12      Security patrol procedures, introduction
  • S13      Tear gas, Mace, Pepper spray
  • S14      Union strike preparedness

Here at Empire Security we pride ourselves on having extremely well trained, highly educated and motivated officers. We have a large reserve pool which aids in emergency replacement of officers in cases of emergency. Our supervisors are in constant communication with the operations department and the security officers by utilizing the unique and fully Digital Long Range Radio and Telephone System.

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