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Currently we have a number of High profile celebrities that we provide Executive protection domestically . References can be used upon request.

Empire  executive protection services provides security to clients anywhere in the southern California  area for personal protection, . At Empire Security   we have access to the necessary vehicle needed for all scenarios . Currently we provide  protection to many of A list celebrities domestically .  

Our executive protection is always confidential and have many celebrities that continue to count on us for their vip protection since 1992.  Our security personnel have years of experience  with crowd control   and can  deter  the paparazzi, if necessary.

We  have officers that  are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our  staff  also consists  of Off duty police  that  are available for any type of event. Empire Security  VIP protection officers are available in both full  uniform or plainclothes.

Our Security personal have an extensive background in vip protection and  personal protection. Empire Security security personal  constantly asses any threats or problems for the client, as  the  protection  of  our clients is our number one priority .Empire Security personal will also work to maintain the security and the integrity of any property that the client may visit here in the southern California .

Empire Security personal may work alone or as a close protection team; they can be your  security driver, escort officer, or residential security officer. Empire Security personal offers protection with the  services to meet your individual needs and variety of  circumstances. Empire Security will keep  your safety and protection above all.

Empire Security will use its most experienced, highly-trained security personnel in the company when providing VIP protection services for you.

Personal Protection Services We Provide:

  • Personal Executive Protection Services
  • Travel Executive Protection Services
  •  Residential Security Solution
  •  Vacation Home Security Solution
  •  Escort Executive Protection
  •  VIP Protection
  •  High Profile Event
  •  Product Launches
  •  Surveillance
  •  Subpoena, Summons and Legal Document Delivery
  •  Structure Eviction and Property Repossession Teams
  •  Crowd Control
  •  High-and Low-Profile Personal Transport
  •  Off-duty Police Protection
  •  Night Deposit Escorts
  •  Alarm Response (Armed and Unarmed)
  •  Workplace Violence
  •  Stalking
  •  Secure and Lock-up Services
  •  And more
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