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Residential Security, Whenever you think of your home, you think of it as a safe haven. Therefore, protecting your home and family from crime should be your highest priority.

Records show that most burglaries take place during daylight hours between 10am and 6pm when there is no one at home.

Reliable 24/7 Residential Protection & Security

With Empire Residential Security Services, you can secure your home throughout the day. We offer various residential security solutions at reasonable rates for homes, apartments, Home Owner Associations (HOA), Gated communities, and Condos.

Residential Security Services CA.
Home Security Services in Downey, CA.

Residential Security Services CA|Community Security Services CA

At Empire, we create an exclusive security plan to meet all your residential security needs.We are a licensed security agency that has been securing residential properties throughout California since 1992.

For communities, we provide the highest level of security services to all occupants (residents, employees, and their guests)related to their physical safety and access control.By combining our protective intelligence, trained personnel, advanced security systems, and rapid response services, we deliver the best security services to all types of residential properties.

Our Suite Of Residential Security Services

Why Insist on Empire Security Group?

Creating & Maintaining A Safe and Secure Environment:

Empire’s integrated approach to security helps our clients create and maintain a safe and secure environment in the residential areas.

Our Integrated Approach To Security Includes :

  • Risk/Threat Assessment
  • Crime Detection & Prevention
  • Deployment of Highly-Sophisticated Residential Security Technology
  • Design & Installation of Efficient Monitoring Devices to provide integrated surveillance, access control, and intrusion protection
  • Use of Best Practices in Residential Security

Comprehensive Approach to Maintaining an Efficient Security Staff:

Our comprehensive approach to security guard selection, training, and retention plays a critical role in successfully delivering required security services to our clients.

Secure Transportation And Emergency Services :

Empire has access to secure transportation and emergency services anytime, anywhere! Our professional security staff is always standing by to help you with all your security needs.

Tailored Security Solutions :

Our in-house professional team can design a customized security solution just right for your needs! We take care of every aspect of planning, designing, and managing your unique residential security service.
Downey's Residential Security Services

Empire Security offers the most competitive pricing for its residential security services regardless of the size of your property.

If you’re looking for the most efficient, progressive, and dependable security services for your specific need, then Empire can offer you the perfect solution.

Contact us to discuss your residential security needs today!

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