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The world’s rich and famous are high-valued targets for robbery, assault, kidnapping, blackmailing, bribery, and more. Therefore, they constantly have the need to outsource personal protection and hire personal security guards to keep them safe at all times.

An expert and experienced private security agency like Empire can make all the difference.

Personal Security Services You Can Trust!

Empire offers well-trained bodyguards and quality security services that you can completely trust. We have several celebrities in our clientele who continue to rely and count on us for their VIP protection since 1992.

Personal Security Services

Personal Security Services CA

Empire’s reliable executive security services provide personal protection to clients anywhere in Southern California and the surrounding areas.
We provide Executive protection to many high-profile celebrities, A-listers, VIPs, politicians, and the elite domestically.

Our Personal Protection Services Include:

  • Personal Executive Protection / Personal Bodyguard
  • Travel Executive Protection
  • Escort Executive Protection
  • VIP Protection
  • Personal Concierge Services
  • High and Low-Profile Personal Transport
  • Surveillance
  • Structure Eviction and Property Repossession Teams
  • Residential Security Solution
  • Vacation Home Security
  • Stalking
  • Night Deposit escorts
  • Alarm Response (Armed/Unarmed)
  • Movie Set Security
  • Subpoena, Summons and Legal Document Delivery
  • Workplace Violence
  • High Profile Events
  • Product Launches
  • Crowd Control
  • Off-Duty Police Protection
  • Secure and Lock-up Services

We have access to highly-secure and equipped vehicles needed for all scenarios.

Our bodyguards and security personnel have years of experience and extensive background in VIP protection.
They have professional expertise in controlling overwhelming crowds, protecting VIPs from any unexpected incidents or threatening behavior, and deterring the paparazzi when needed.
Personal Protection Services

Your Protection Is Our Number One Priority !

Our Personal bodyguard and VIP protection officers are available to protect you 24×7 in both, full uniform or civilian clothes.

We can also provide off-duty police for any type of event when required.

Our security personnel constantly asses any potential threats, dangers or problems that our clients may face at home, at work or when out in public.

They also work to maintain the security and integrity of any property that the client may visit in Southern California.

Round-the-Clock Personal Security Services

Empire Security personnel may work alone or as a close protection team. Whether you need a security driver, escort officer or a residential security officer, we offer services to meet your individual needs and different circumstances.

Empire Security keeps your safety and protection above all.We maintain the most experienced, highly-trained security personnel in the company to provide top VIP protection to you

Our bodyguards are more than just your personal security. They act as a confidant with whom you can freely speak to, without worrying about anything.

Security Services

Key Benefits of Hiring Empire Personal Security Guards :-

  • Well trained in defense to defend against any physical harm or a possible attack.
  • Do extensive research in advance to become aware of new areas, entrances, and safest routes to take
  • Keep an eye for detail and exactly know what to look for and listen to, in the immediate surrounding
  • Provide driving service and act as a chauffeur to safely bring you to your destination
  • Proactively assess potential dangers before an incident occurs
  • Well-qualified to effectively handle any kind of situation
  • Mindful of body language and behavior of others
  • Give helpful advice on how to stay safe in a dangerous situation

Your personal well-being is most important to us!!

Let Empire take control of all your personal safety needs and provide you the extra layer of protection. With the extra set of eyes and ears around you and your family, we assure complete peace of mind!

Contact us to discuss your personal security needs today!

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