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What distinguishes Empire Security Services, Inc. from other guard services can be summed up in one word: People.

We have one of the most stringent hiring standards in the industry. Fewer than 15% of all applicant interviewees will ever be hired.The best way to ensure the most reliable security is to put the best possible candidate for the job in the position. That is why Empire Security uses an extensive screening process when hiring and continues with intensive candidate evaluation for specific jobs.

Instead of “Screening-out” undesirable candidates for jobs, Empire Security concentrate on “Screening-in” the best candidate; matching the skills of the officer to the skill requirements needed for the job.

Each new applicant must successfully pass:

  • Prior employment verification,10 year employment background check
  • Two personal interview sessions
  • comprehensive, random drug screening and testing
  • Comprehensive criminal history check
  • Personality profile questionnaire
  • Credit history and motor vehicle report check
  • Medical check-up to ensure physical ability to perform required tasks.
  • Written honesty evaluation( where permitted by law)
  • Psychological analysis
  • Civil court history and workers compensation report

We understand the appearance and behaviors of our security guards directly reflects on our clients, our company and also a representative of our clients establishment. We take considerable time and effort to train and prepare all our guards before they’re assigned to your post.

Security uniforms must always be worn pressed and clean when on duty. Shined black shoes, black socks, and plain buckle belt along with a complete Duty guard belt fully equipped. Our guards must be neat, well groomed and have their hair well trimmed.

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