Empire has been providing quality security guard and patrol services since 1992. Our service over the years has been based on total client satisfaction.

Empire security differentiates itself from other security guard companies by understanding our client’s security needs and training our security team accordingly. Our security guard protection team is courteous, reliable, well groomed and educated. We continuously coach the staff of our security guard company to prepare them for the many challenges our client’s businesses may face on a daily basis.

Empire is committed to provide a full range of security services to all customers. We consider contract security to be much more than a guard standing watch. This entails meeting the public in a professional, courteous manner as well as an official representative for your business or property.

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All of our security officers, supervisors, and management team are continuously trained and instructed to provide a level of service that rises above the competition. Our company philosophy accounts for the reason why so many companies and corporations are using empire for their security service needs. If you’re looking for a level of service above the ordinary, then contact empire and experience our advantages today!!!!

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