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Empire Security Group specializes in providing Commercial Security to all business establishments.

24/7 Commercial Security & Vigilance

We understand how important it is for you to keep your business safe and free from burglaries, loitering, trespassing, vandalism, terrorism, individual attacks, and other criminal activities. Crimes such as these can cause havoc, severely disrupt your business, and leave you and your employees feeling insecure and vulnerable.

Therefore, the need to secure your business during and after business hours is of prime importance.

Vigilant And Commercial Security service

Commercial Security Services CA| Business Security Services CA

Empire is licensed by the State of California and provides 24/7 security to all kinds of commercial properties including vacant properties that are being fixed or fumigated.Our experienced management staff will help you choose the most cost-effective solution fit for your business property security needs.

Our Commercial Security Services Offerings :

Armed / Unarmed Security Guards

Off Duty Police Protection

Alarm Response

Patrol Service

Highly Visible Security Personal

Standing Guards

Undercover Security Personal

Uniform/Plain Clothes Guard

Empire Security provides commercial security services to all types of retail stores and business establishments ranging from a small business to very large corporate buildings.

Our Security Services For Various Commercial Business:

Empire’s Commercial Security Services help businesses overcome all kinds of dangers and risks such as thefts of inventory and raw material, goods pilferages, monetary thefts, etc.

Why Choose Empire Security Group?

Key Highlights :

At Empire, we hold our ethics and standards to the highest of levels while safeguarding your business.

  1. Extensive Training imparted to Empire Security Personnel to develop their interpersonal skills so that they will be discreet and non-confrontational in situations requiring their intervention.
  2. Professional Outlook of Empire Security Guards presenting a highly visible, clean and professional image to the public and conducting themselves with pride. They act as ambassadors for your business.
  3. Empire has a Large Fleet of Patrol Vehicles all of which are fully-equipped with emergency equipment, such as dispatch radios, cellular phones, traffic cones, first-aid kits, emergency lights, and spotlights.

Most Efficient Business Security Systems to Run your Business Worry-Free!

Empire brings you the best and most efficient security guards who are well-trained and well-equipped to safeguard your business place and help to run the day-to-day business operations smoothly.

Our well-designed business security alarm system immediately alerts you in case of fire, burglary, unauthorized access or suspicious activity.

End-to-End Commercial Security Services You Can Trust!

Over the last 27 years, Empire has built an excellent reputation by providing highly-dependable and superior security services that surpass the expectations of our clients.

So get us on board and leave all your security needs to us! With Empire, you can stay focused on running your business without having to worry about the security of your property, merchandise, vehicles or employees.

Our professional staff is standing by to help you with all your business security service needs.

Contact Us today  to have our team survey your business premises and custom-design the best security solution for you!

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